5 reasons why you can’t land a job interview

5 reasons why you can’t land a job interview

I’m going to start off by saying what I say to call my candidates. No one perfect thing will get you the interview. As a customer, when we are considering committing money to buy something, we look for the best possible option for the price we are we willing to pay. Similarly, an employer, when looking for a new recruit, is going to try and secure the best possible candidate. Hence, you will need to have the best resume, the best skills, the best certifications, the best education, the best attitude and the best drive. Having either the best resume, or the best certification or the best education will not get you the interview. However, absence of only one thing may certainly result in you not getting the interview. Lets look at 5 top reasons why you have been missing out.

1 Your resume does not outdistance others

First are foremost issue ends up being the resume. The important word here is outdistance. Not better, but outdistance. So HOW can you resume outdistance the rest? For your resume to really stand out, there has to be something about your resume that captures interest over the rest and really makes the reader want to know more about you. So instead of dumping all your career information on your resume, you should ask yourself the following : Does my resume promise results and offer differentiating value over others who are also qualified? And does it convey this in the most interesting, unique, and succinct manner possible? Think about this: How is your employer to choose you if you sound just like the other thousands of applicants who have a pretty decent resume too? Luck?

2. The Jobs Are Wrong For You

The best case scenario would be that you are already working when looking for another job, however that is not always the case. For your job search to be successful, you should look for job ads that ideally match your candidate profile. Instead of saying “I could do this” you should shout out “this was made for me”. You may be willing to settle for less but the employer won’t. Due to this, your application may get rejected. Instead of applying for many jobs which may be wrong for, apply for lesser jobs for which you are an ideal candidate for. Take the time to study the job ads, review the requirements, match their needs with your skill set, and launch a strategic job search. With this targeted search, your application will yield better returns. Not only will it give you more confidence and experience with interviewing, but will also put you in an optimistic mood instead of not receiving any calls at all.

3. You’re Not Searching In The Right Place

Job boards work. Everyone knows that and that’s why everyone’s on them. So if everyone’s on them then that increases competition and applicant to jobs ratio. You get the point. There are other ways to look for jobs. Try and identify a company where you see yourself working. What can you offer them, what difference can you make. Then find out the key decision makers. Then channel some courage and call on them, email them your resume, or approach someone in the company via LinkedIn. Whatever you can do to tastefully gain a contact in the company – do it!

4. You are not certified and not fulfilling the requirements

When a sales team is going for a sales pitch, they go in with their A game. The people involved, the preparation, they take everything they have to have a shot at securing the client. So why as a candidate would you not offer the potential employer everything? Most positions, especially in IT, require a candidate to do certifications. Certifications validate an individual’s’ skills. Certifications are designed keeping the industry standard in mind and a certified candidate is a validated candidate. Keep in mind the opening statement of this article, no one thing is going to get you an interview, however the absence of only one thing may result in you not getting the interview. Same applies here. Just having certifications will not get you an interview but having everything but not certifications may lose you the interview.

5. You’re Not Asking For Assistance

Everyone needs assistance from time to time. There is no shame in admitting that you need assistance. You can’t be an expert in everything. Your job is to offer the best as a candidate while you can seek assistance from professionals in regards to grooming you as a candidate and helping you with your resume ITFutures’ CareerReady Program does just that. We provide you assistance every step of the way making sure you get the job you are after.


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