5 things to help further your career

5 things to help further your career

If you are looking for a quick guide to point you in the right direction for landing a great IT job, then here are five sound and simple to follow tips that should get you moving.

1. Certifications

One of the most overlooked resume boosters are small, quick certifications on very specific technical subjects. If you have been through an Information Systems degree, then you are likely familiar with becoming CISCO certified. This simply means that you are trained to work with a technology or device and then earn a certification by passing the course.

2. Degrees

You might already have a degree in one major, but never underestimate the power of packing multiple specialties under your belt. Keep an eye out for degrees in related fields that overlap with classes for which you have already earned credit. Jumping on earning another degree now can pay off later, since classes do eventually become outdated and will not be accepted for credit by some colleges.

3. Experience

Companies are on the hunt for employees who know more than just what can be learned in a classroom. A fair number of entry level jobs seem to be wanting years of actual experience on top of a degree. It is an unfortunate fact, but you might find yourself needing to intern, volunteer, or participate in other side projects that you can list as relevant experience before you get paid.

4. Networking

No, not the type of networking you spent hours poring over in textbooks. With many IT professionals now being educated in technical schools and the old stereotypes of poorly socializing smarter-than-average persons, the art of networking to develop business contacts has been lost to a large portion of the incoming workforce. An old saying goes: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Do not neglect to work on your networking when hunting for a job.

5. Sharpen your resume`

Gaining enough notice to get your foot in the door is one of the biggest steps in landing a job. If your resume` appears to be done by an amateur, a company might assume you will provide amateur work. They might also have difficulty finding the relevant information they want to determine if you are the right fit for the job. Consider taking the time to visit a resume` building class or search for tips and help for great resume`s online.

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