And the winner is ‘The Cloud’

In the news today, the Federal Government just announced that it is wanting most if not all agencies to adopt a ‘cloud first’ policy.

What does that mean? Well firstly, it means that finally not only is the cloud main stream. It has now become the first choice before looking at other options.

Vendors and MSP’s such Azure, Google and Amazon must be licking their lips with delight. And it’s even better news for the government. They will now have access to all the data they would want to access all possibly under one roof. Probably Lorimer St. Port Melbourne.

Either way you look at it, it’s great news for everyone. The public funds are being used better, service will be better and security will be the highest.

That is unless the government decides to create a private cloud and host it internally. That would really defeat the purpose now wouldn’t it.

If you would like to learn more about the cloud, perhaps consider a short course on VMware Cloud Essentials.

To read more about the ‘cloud first’ policy click here


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