Are you ready for your CCNA Exam 640-802?

Are you ready for your CCNA Exam 640-802?

When it comes to an exam, it is very important to be well prepared for it especially an important one as the CCNA 640-802 certification exam. Needless to say, lack of proper preparation is the number one cause of exam failure. However, it can be difficult at times to clearly determine how prepared you are for such an exam even after spending a significant amount of time studying for it. This article will provide a check-list to help you determine your knowledge on different aspects in CCNA 640-802. If you are able to answer all the questions provided, then you can be confident of your readiness for the exam. Keep in mind, however, that this is not an exhaustive list and should therefore not replace the examination objectives.

1. How do Cisco devices function and boot?

Are you proficient with Cisco routing technologies like IOS, EIGRP, and OSPF? Since a CCNA 640-802 exam mainly covers routing technologies, it’s important to know the specific routing protocols and fundamental routing concepts particularly RIPv2. Understand how routing protocols such as EIGRP and OSPF fit into the network design and Cisco network architecture in general.

2. How well do you understand the OSI model?

You should have clear understanding of the seven layers of the OSI model and their relationship to one another. You should also know the flow the data throughout the network and model as well as identify where the network software and equipment operate in the layers and how they fit in the model.

3. How does TCP/IP work? Do you know the IP addressing issues that bring about need for NAT, DNS and DHCP among others?

Ensure you know the benefits of IPv6 and DHCP, the limitations or inadequacies of Pv4 addressing, the importance of NAT and purpose of DNS. Also, study IPv4/IPv6 implementation methods, private/public addressing, special IP ranges and troubleshooting solutions to IPv6 and IPv4 addressing issues.

4. What are WAN links?

Ensure you know the different WAN technologies particularly Frame Relay and the differences between various WAN links. You should also study PPTP and PPP and how the protocols can connect routers to one another.

5. What are the fundamentals of wireless networks and their security?

A CCNA 640-802 exam contains many questions on how to make networks more or even less secure. You should therefore know the basic kinds of security threats as well as how to mitigate their risks using good network design and practices. You should also know security protocols such as WPA2, WPA and WEP.

6. Can you name the advantages, potential pitfalls and issues of inter-switch and VLANs communication?

Ensure you understand the importance of separating networks logically, the function of VLANs, the movement or flow of traffic across various logical networks or subnets and how alternative switching technologies/protocols work (VTR, PVSTP and RSTP)

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