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How PRINCE2 is going to benefit me – Part 1

PRINCE2 will boost your confidence in managing projects successfully. The reason for that is the skills you gain during the course as PRINCE2 gives you common language, systems and procedures. You will be confident to manage the project and even the business’s risk effectively, you will make less mistakes and learn from those you do make. You will be confident in controlling and managing resources which ultimately saves effort and money.

Inexperienced Project Member/Manager

PRINCE2 is very useful for you if you haven’t worked in a project environment before. The way PRINCE2 is structured by introducing “Principles”, “Themes”, “Processes” and “Tailoring the Project” will provide you a framework, a checklist almost of what needs to happen on a project and when! If you are planning to start as a project support, coordinator, being part of any project and even managing your first project; PRINCE2 is the right framework for getting your foot in the door.

Experienced Project Member/Manager

PRINCE2 is a process based method for effective project management, it recommends “actual processes” to follow when managing projects. As an experienced project member/manager after earning PRINCE2 certification, you will understand new language, new processes and new terminology. You will be exposed to a process based system that allows you new ways of looking at problems. As a project manager you will be refreshed on some project management philosophies to take for granted. You will obtain new tools that you could apply to any project of any size.

Improve employment opportunities

How recruiters will see your resume if you have PRINCE2 certification? PRINCE2 is internationally recognised world-class product as a standard framework for project management. On “Seek” if you search for “Project Manager”, “Project Support”, “Project Coordinator” or other project related jobs, the number of companies requiring PRINCE2 is surprisingly high!   If you are serious about getting PRINCE2 certified, we run classes every month. You can register yourself or make an enquiry by clicking PRINCE2 Training Melbourne.