Building your career plan in 2015

If you plan it right, the right skills can lead to recognition and growth. So what do you need to do to move up in your career in 2015? I have a few questions for you which may help you come up with an answer.

Set Your Goals

What is your next career move and what will it take to achieve it? What kind of tools do you require in order to achieve the move? What skills are in demand? You will need to do some fact finding in order to make a credible decision. If you enjoy a specific area of IT, it may be time to focus there. If you know that the industry is looking for people with a certain set of skills that you don’t have yet, maybe you should focus on those new areas you can become certified in. For example, a current search shows me that there are 48 jobs for Software Engineers in Melbourne compared to a 100 jobs for Network and Systems Engineers. You should be able to figure out where this is going. Create actionable goals.

Engage with your mentor/ manager

If you are looking for work, seek some assistance with your peers who are already in the industry to get some tips and facts. If you are already employed, make sure you manger is aware of your efforts to broaden your skill set. Skilled employees are always in high demand and if you can align your personal development plans with the current and future needs of the organisation, you are set for some exciting times ahead and your company may be willing to pay for your training and allow time off to attend the training.

Add to your arsenal

IT being so fast paced, its no surprise that technology keeps on changing, keeps on getting better and newer versions are out sooner than ever before. You should make earning a certification a career goal. Certifications are excellent because they allow you to become and expert in a particular field and that fact that you are certified validates that you are an expert in the field.

Straight from the horses mouth

This is my personal take on it. Day in and day out I meet with employers, current employees and people looking for work.

Fact 1 : If you have stuck with the same formula for applying jobs and haven’t been successful, carrying on with the same formula will not yield any results. If something is not working, change it. Whether it be your resume, your current skill set or your attitude.

Fact 2: Employers value certification. Infact let me rephrase that. They want certified candidates. If you are not certified, chances are that the employer has 5 times the number of resume on their table of certified candidates.

Fact 3: You have to continue learning. The day you stop is the day you can start counting down the days till someone else with a fresher skill set comes and replaces you.

In many ways, setting career goals is like consulting a map before a trip. Without a map, there’s a good chance you’ll get lost or spend a lot of time wandering about aimlessly. If your career is a destination, your goals are the map.

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