Effective Immediately – Pearson VUE Testing Resumed for Iranian and Sudanese Nationals

Though OFAC sanctions remain in effect for Iran and Sudan, Pearson VUE has been granted with renewal licenses to test Iranian and Sudanese nationals outside of Iran and Sudan. Therefore, if a candidate presents primary or secondary identification from Iran or Sudan, you may allow the candidate to test, unless the exam sponsor’s policy states otherwise.

Note: Some exam sponsors, such as Oracle, Cisco and Esri, may prohibit candidates from certain countries to test or be certified. If an exam sponsor prohibits candidates from a certain country to test, the information will be provided in the exam sponsor’s Client Reference.

Iran and Sudan have been removed from the Sanctioned Countries list. The sections on “Acceptable forms of ID” and “Procedure for handling IDs from sanctioned countries” in the Policies & Procedures Guide have been updated.20140730-003922-2362170.jpg

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