How Taking an Exam Keeps One Motivated

Now you may think how does this make any sense, how can taking exams possibly have you energised? Last anyone checked, they appeared with mixed emotions and perspiration dripping in their mind for exams.

Before an exam, what do you do?? Study, eat, maybe go to work or school, rarely sleep, study some more and scream at anyone who gets in your way while you try to concentrate on getting prepared for your exam to come. You are carrying the ability to accomplish all these in a matter of a day whereas any other, when you do not have a drastic test to come by, you may just be sitting around lazily on your couch and thinking that maybe you could do something more to be productive.

When you appear for your exam, you feel many things, this exam could affect your career or higher education. But what you do not notice, you are there to try your hardest, you have learned everything you need to and here you are to aim for what you wish to achieve. Do not doubt yourself with the thought, “What if I do not pass, what if I fail”. What if cannot help you, but you can.

Be confident, even if you do not pass, that is okay. You could always give it again, it is not over. Everyone feels a little down after undergoing a test that they could not pass. But, once the cloud has disappeared, you feel inspired to put yourself into a routine to study harder, learn from the previous mistake and push yourself to accomplish what you set out for.

Next time you return, you know that YOU WILL ACHIEVE what you set out for, that my friend, is the motivation of yourself.

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