How to prepare for your IT Helpdesk career in 2013

How to prepare for your IT Helpdesk career in 2013


The world of information technology is always in constant progress, so maintaining your knowledge on the latest developments in the field is a must to stay competitive. For those in the IT helpdesk field, there are a number of certifications in programming languages, hardware knowledge, operating systems, and more that will help you appear more promising to prospective employers or to make your value, and thus your salary, increase. We will take a quick look at five of the top certifications to consider acquiring to get ready for 2013 and why they are important.

1. CCNP and CCNA

CCNP/CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional, and is one of the most influential certifications when it comes to Information Systems or networking. Most networking technology is built on Cisco fundamentals, meaning a thorough understanding of Cisco technology is key. The CCNA is similar to the CCNP, but can be considered one step below it.


Whatever your stance on the Windows-Apple-Linux debate is, there is no denying that Windows is the most commonly used OS in business. As such, taking the time to become certified in Microsoft technology is an obvious plus to your resume. The MCITP is a family of related certifications on subjects such as Windows 7, Server Administration, SharePoint, and more.

3. VCP

Virtual systems is one of the upcoming technologies that is showing promise for greatly expanding the capability of electronics. The VMware allows companies to fully utilize the vast server machines that they possess, and a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) tag on your resume will show you know how to help with them.


Every sector of IT inevitably deals with security in some form, but Information Systems is the definitive battleground. A well-rounded employee who can incorporate IT knowledge with the needs of security systems will be in demand, especially in fields like banking and healthcare.

5. CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician

Healthcare is one of those fields that will always remain in existence and only increase in demand. Due to the sensitive personal information that needs to be shared with the right people while maintaining HIPPA compliance, the healthcare field has a high demand for skilled IT professionals

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