How to Subsist with Stress before an Examination

Why must one stress about every certain issue? Given the reason you may be anxious is due to an upcoming exam, but one thought could lead to many!! Do you really wish to attend your assessment while also wondering about what detergent to purchase later at the mall? Do not think about the outcome before even starting a test, just know that you shall give your best as you have prepared yourself for what is to occur.

You will notice if you are already worried about something completely different from your exam, it will not help you, you do not want your stress to vibrate around you and make you feel worse. And, know this, others are not immune to it either, worry less and smile more!!

Certain Ways to Always Reduce Stress:

  • Always avoid studying till the last minute, better yet, stop a day before, sooth your mind with your hobbies.
  • Make your study enjoyable, don’t just stare at the book or computer screen (sing what you must memorize!)
  • Sleep on time the day before the exam and drink plenty of water, you do not want to be exhausted (or feel like a zombie!!).
  • Eat proper food, as to not tamper with your head or body right on the arrival of the exams.
  • If you are at the testing centre feeling nervous, speak to someone, tell them how you feel, someone will always hear you and know what you may be going through.
  • Never doubt whether you may be right or wrong in your exam, stay confident, you have worked hard for this.
  • Make sure you are informed or you have found out of everything that is required for your examination as to not have trouble on the day.
  • And, of course always try to arrive early (to be not out of breathe before even starting your test).

Last but not least, do not let anyone into your bubble, stay happy, it prevails one from worrying about matters that need not be thought of.


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