Is it time to think about IT again?

Every week, people from all over Melbourne make their way to work, hustling and bustling for an average of 45 minutes to get to their work place.

Well let’s double that since these people also need to make their way back home too. On average Employees spend approximately 6% of the day traveling and 25% of the day sleeping (based on 6 hours a night).

With 69% of the day left, scientist and government authorities recommend you to only work 8 hours a day to maintain a good work life balance and be most productive in the work place.

That’s 33% of the day at work! When it’s broken down like that, it’s fair to assume that unless any 1 or more of the following is true, you could be waisting your life;

The remuneration is great
The job is satisfying
The work is enjoyable
The team is fun to work with

If none of the following apply to you, maybe it’s time to consider alternatives. Maybe a career in IT.

The advantages of working in the IT industry are plenty.

Here are top 4 reasons to join the IT industry in Melbourne;

Pay is great and grows exponentially
Satisfaction of being involved in the core running of the business
Every day is like a game to solve problems and play with new toys
Working with others who also are passionate about their job

These are just a few examples of benefits that come out of working in the Melbourne IT industry.

If you are interested, consider getting a Diploma of IT to hit the ground running or maybe a Certificate III just to get your feet wet.

With the way digital technology has already changed the world, you will be in the box seat to make your own job more mobile and flexible to give you the best opportunity to have the life you always wanted.

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