Is training now easier or harder?

With the advancement of technology over the years, the way people train and get educated was definitely changed. Students from any part of any world, can choose to learn something, about anything in any form, any place and at anytime.

So the question we are asking today is ‘Anytime’ making training and learning easier or harder?

Just like a coin, there are 2 sides to this debate also.

Here are a quick list of PRO’s to Anytime learning;

  • Study on holidays
  • Study in the toilet
  • Study just before bed
  • Study in the park
  • Study in front of the TV during the ad break
  • Study in the library
  • Study with your mates

Although this list is not exhaustive, it does indicate that whenever you might have some spare time or are in the mood, students can pickup their Kindle, Nook or even just their iPad and get started. 5 Minutes here and there can add up to possibly 4 hours a week without noticing.

Now let’s discuss the CON’s;

  • Holiday or Study?
  • Toilet or Study?
  • Plan your next day or study?
  • Play or study
  • Watch TV and mingle or study?
  • When was the last time you really went to a library?
  • Did you and your mates ever really study together?

One of the major flaws with study anytime is students among other types of people are not the best at being disciplined. Also, concentrating on the study materials whilst anywhere but a classroom, can lead to slow to nil gain in actually absorbing any of the knowledge.

The point is there is nothing wrong with studying anywhere and anytime, but the rule that should be adhered to is make sure you plan you study schedule and concentrate on your studies for the time period allocated. It’s a lot like when people join the gym and and go there to check their phones and sit on Facebook. It doesn’t actually help you gain the muscles or lose the weight does it?




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