IT Entry Level Certifications for a Career Changer.

IT Entry Level Certifications for a Career Changer.

The information technology field offers many different options for those who want to change from their existing careers to this exciting field. One of the nicest things about the IT field is the fact that you don’t need to invest four years or more of your life into college if you want to switch over. Instead, you study and test for useful certifications that display your comptenency in a particular IT aspect. There are certifications for all types of technology, ranging from general technical knowledge to very specific software and hardware.

One of the most common IT certifications to look into when changing your career is the CompTIA A+. This certification displays your knowledge of general IT technology, from hardware repair to basic networking. CompTIA also has several other certifications, such as Network+, which focuses on networking technology.

A software certification that is quite useful to have is MOS, or Microsoft Office Specialist. This group of certifications focuses on Microsoft Office software, which is a common software suite used in businesses from small to large. Another Microsoft certification, the MTA or Microsoft Technology Associate, is a basic certification similiar to the CompTIA A+ certification. It covers basic IT ground, either in an IT professional or developer focus.

Cloud computing is a growing technological focus in many companies, so certifications in cloud computing will also be very handy to have if you’re changing careers. The VMware Cloud Essential certification covers this specific cloud application, giving you a leg up on other applicants who might not know the cloud applications as well as you do.

The amount of time that it takes to achieve these certifications depends on how fast you pick up new knowledge, as well as how good you are at testing. Some tests are fully written, while others have practical hands-on sections as well. The certification cost may be daunting at first, but many employers will pay for these certifications for you. Even if you have to pay completely out of pocket for your certifications, they’re still cheaper than the time and money you would spend going back into a classroom for a career change.

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