Keys to getting promoted in IT

Keys to getting promoted in IT

These days, with technology integrated into a business’ every task, you might think that IT professionals get all the promotions. However, due to the behind-the-scenes nature of IT work, this happens less often than expected. So, for the tech guy or gal who feels stuck in one IT position, what can he or she do? According to interviews with CEO’s, CIO’s, and headhunters, that occupation might not be a dead-end job after all. Here are their top three secrets on how to create and leverage career opportunities right where you are.

1. Be a businessperson first and a technology guru second.

This rule applies to any field: If you want career advancement, you must think like a businessperson first and focus on the big picture. When considering a problem, try a new perspective. Put yourself in the shoes of your finance and sales coworkers; this will help you find more effective solutions in the technology realm more quickly. Managers and directors prize this trait.

2. Rather than overachieving, simply achieve consistently at a higher level.

The fastest career climbers excel regularly, not just on occasion. Such a high, constant level of performance will catch your superiors’ attention. If most people think of over-achievement as multitasking and achieving results despite being busy, then this should become your new “normal.” Plus, the more responsibilities you fulfill, the more valuable you become to your employer. Eventually, in order to allow you to perform your job function, people will have to be hired beneath you; when this happens, you get promoted.

3. Volunteer for the yucky projects and do an outstanding job.

Being willing to take on the necessary but unpleasant tasks gets you noticed by management, especially if you perform at a high level, learn different skills, and apply your new-found knowledge to other job duties. When the higher-ups are considering potential promotions, they will remember that you have a proven track record of approaching less glamorous tasks with a positive and productive attitude.
When it comes to IT promotions, other factors contribute to your chances, but following these three tips will give you a head start on showing the boss why you deserve a promotion. Overall, if you want a higher position with more recognition, responsibility, and pay, then you have to stand out from the crowd with your attitude and job performance.


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