LogMeIn vs Everyone Else

As a computer technician since the 1990’s, I can say tell you from first hand experience that software has come a long way.
I recall having to drive to clients homes for more than an hour sometimes and upon arrival discovering I could have solved the issue over the phone. I would wish for a better way.
In the mid-2000’s with everyone getting ADSL, meant customer PC’s were online all the time and troubleshooting software could be done remotely.

One of my first business customers, Bernard introduced me to something called LogMeIn. And from that day, my business changed completely. The thought of being able to help fix software problems and even sometimes networking issues from anywhere was genius.

Of course there was software available such as TeamViewer, RealVNC or the built in Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

The thing about LogMeIn is it kicks all the other’s butt.

Think of LogMeIn as a RDaaS (Remote Desktop as a Service). It can do everything you can think of. Here’s a short list

  • Login remotely (duh!)
  • Turn computer on – yes really
  • Invite others
  • Browse the hard drive
  • Record the session
  • See if the computer is on
  • Co-browse with the user

These are just some of the features.

As a paying user for over 5 years now, I was disappointed to learn that LogMeIn was now going to charge based on number of PC’s instead of the LogMeIn Central unlimited accounts that I previously had.

So I decided not to renew my account and started shopping around. 

After several days of testing and trials, there was nothing. No real winner when it came to finding an alternative. 

So lo and behold I decided to reactivate my LogMeIn account and now I could only access 25 PC’s. But that’s ok. I now use a mixture of 2 technology solutions. For mission critical purposes I use LogMeIn and I have also turned on RDP for accessing other PC’s and Servers in the same office.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, I would love to read about them.

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