Moving Up from a Helpdesk Career

Moving Up from a Helpdesk Career

The experience you get and the knowledge you garner from working at a help desk is priceless. Many businesses have help desks. This is a good way to break into your chosen industry. You get an education from the ground up on what goes into running a successful corporation. The different people you deal with and the various situations will teach you communication skills to work with an eclectic customer base. What you make of your help desk position is up to you. It can be a starting point that you use to jump off to a career, or a dead end job that you do forever.

Here are the top five tips to get past the help desk and on to bigger and better things:

1. Get a job at a larger company.

This is the most important step because larger companies offer more opportunities. With a small company, there are a limited number of positions and less room for advancement. If absolutely necessary start at a smaller company, but keep yourself open to moving to bigger corporations when possible.

2. Work for a company that does not Stovepipe.

This is the second most important tip due to; corporations that stovepipe have all of the network managers, systems analysts, and other IT professionals segregated from each other. The help desk person doesn’t get any opportunity for hands on time with any other jobs. This can leave you going no where.

3. Continue your education.

This is the third on the list, since in the IT business, things are always changing. Keeping updated keeps you fresh and makes you a viable candidate for more positions.

4. Continue up the food chain.

Shooting for level two and even level three in help desk technician service is number four in importance. This is because it is necessary to keep improving and learning, but it can work against you. In the long run, moving up the ladder can keep you at the help desk instead of getting you were you want to be, if you let it.

5. Keep your resume updated.

This is number five in importance, since you need prospects and have to have things to put on the resume. You want to put your best foot forward and show off all of your talents and assets. First, you have to gain the experience and education needed to have a well rounded resume.

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