Simplifying People’s Work Lives

Is you plan to be an IT consultant you may be able to increase your value by making people’s work lives more efficient.There are many different technologies you can use for this but I am not going to go over that today, just give some some ideas that you can build on to develop your own solutions that will fit the businesses needs.

Below are a couple of areas you can develop technology areas you may be able to simplify peoples work day.

Automating accounting processes

Lots of businesses are not getting the most out of their current accounting software(that is if they are using accounting software) and may benefit by streamlining the process or using different software to streamline the process.

If you can get to know best practices around these processes you can potentially save businesses staff hours of time every week, which means that they can be allocated to a different task.

Increasing sales productivity

If you can find ways to increase the speed that sales can be put through then you may be able to help a business actually increase its revenue. Let’s take a car dealership for example, some places when you buy a car you spend as much time doing the paperwork as you did looking at the car. Then after you leave the sales person has to do more paperwork.

If you can implement a software solution to increase the speed this process can be done in then either the car dealership can work with less salespeople working or the sales people can get back to what they’re good at(selling) and sell more cars to more people and increasing the businesses income.

This does not only apply for car dealerships but other industries also.

Helping with scheduling

Scheduling software is pretty common place nowadays(it comes with basically every enterprise email platform), yet some businesses are yet to take it up instread opting for paper based calendars.

Using these digital platforms to store calendars can allow businesses to be able to see other staff members movements and also access their calendar from almost any device with an internet connection.

Doing this can allow more mobility for staff members and also makes it easier to book meetings for other people, which can increase customer service and productivity.

There are many other areas you can improve people’s lives, if you can figure out how to do it you will become an invaluable asset to your company or clients.

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