Student Information

This is a range of important information for students.


It is important to understand that not all courses are for everyone.

Some courses, especially Qualifications are designed for people that have at least some experience from industry or a lower qualification e.g. Certificate III before attempting the Diploma . You don’t necessarily need to have Technical skills, but it can help.

Either way, from whatever background you are coming from, you will be advised of any prerequisites that may be required.

Disabled Access

Students with disabilities can be accommodated by contacting the Training department on 9866 7737.

Literacy & numeracy

Students are required to have acquired the following competencies in order to enrol in an ITFutures course: reading, comprehending and discussing printed information in English; writing simple sentences; using and analysing simple data, relations and patterns; and understanding numbers, measurements and shapes.

In the case your Training Consultant is not satisfied of your ability to successfully complete the course, you may be requested to complete a LLN Test.


ITFutures is accredited with the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) as Registered Training Organisation 22107.

The following qualifications are approved for delivery across Australia;

  • Certificate I in Information Technology, Digital Media
  • Certificate II in Information Technology, Digital Media
  • Certificate III in Information Technology
  • Diploma of Information Technology

Registration of Scope details can be found here.


All ITFutures courses run during the weekend and evenings throughout the year. Most courses run for 8 to 12 hours per week ranging from 3 to 6 weeks. Qualifications generally consist of 6 to 10 courses. Students may choose to complete sooner than this by completing units via online education or by taking more classes. On average for each hour in class students will take up to 3.5 hours to understand the material and complete assessments.


ITFutures is a smoke-free zone.


There is no parking on-site for students. Course attendees may park on the street or look for providers. It is always recommended and cost effective to catch public transport. It will also enable you to focus on your classroom instead of worrying about your parking fees.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones must not be used in the reception area and should be turned off during classes.

Dress code

ITFutures is a professional business environment and course attendees are expected to dress accordingly.

Student behavior

While attending ITFutures, students should be mindful that they are representing the industry and should behave in a professional manner. ITFutures reserves the right to request aggressive or disruptive students to leave the building.

Support Services

ITFutures provides the following support to its students;

  • In-class presentation of assessment requirements
  • Liaison via email with a qualified assessor for questions about assessment requirements
  • Referral to language, literacy or numeracy assistance where necessary
  • Support to provide alternative assessment where special needs are identified
  • Pre-training literacy and numeracy assessments to help students and ITFutures identify training needs

Limitation on Attendance

No student is allowed to attend classes for more than 8 hours in a day

Maps / Directions

Here is a link to help you get to ITFutures from Flinders St by 9am

To let Google work it out for you, please click here.

Policies and Procedures

Please see this link.


All course materials are subject to copyright and should not be copied in part or full without the permission of the ITFutures CEO. ITFutures will take legal action in relation to copyright breaches.

Venue and facilities

The majority of the training programs are conducted at ITFutures, Level 1 / 424 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, 3004. A number of programs are conducted at metropolitan and regional/rural locations. Registrants will be advised of the venue details if they are not listed when their registration is confirmed.


ITFutures is required to comply with the Privacy Act and respects your right to privacy. To enable ITFutures to process your registration, you are requested to provide your personal details. The information you provide to ITFutures will only be used to process your registration and provide you with information about future training opportunities. Click here to view the Privacy Statement. To access your personal information or to update or correct it, you may contact ITFutures on 9866 7737, via email or in writing.

Traineeships / Apprenticeships / Internships / Cadetships / Work Experience / Learnerships

Charges for the Traineeship program are subject to government requirements. Fees charged for the Traineeship program comply with the Higher Education and Skills Group guidelines and concessions are available to Trainees upon presentation of a Health Care Card. For more information please call ITFutures on 9866 7737.

Training services are provided to eligible students with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Students with a disability are encouraged to access government subsidised training.

Additional Information

Course Dates

Please note that all course dates are subject to change and additional dates may be scheduled for some courses subject to demand.

Compliance Information

In 2013 ITFutures entered into the 2013 Service Agreement Skills for Victoria Program with the Higher Education and Skills Group (formerly known as Skills Victoria).

The Skills for Victoria program is the vehicle through which registered education and training organisations such as ITFutures will be contracted to deliver government subsidised Training Services to eligible individuals under the Victorian Training Guarantee.

To fulfil the Real Estate Institute of Victoria’s obligations under this agreement, we are required to publish a number of documents on our website for public viewing. These documents relate to audit and quality reporting in relation to government funded courses provided by ITFutures.

ASQA Registration Audit Report