The difference between authorised training

You have choices, choose carefully

So you want to get certified?

But have you asked yourself why you are looking to get certified?

Is it for the piece of paper or is it for the skills that the certification proves you have.

Some people just want the piece of paper to show their boss, other’s need it to get a job. Just because you are certified doesn’t mean you are competent. It all comes down to the quality of the training and the trainer. 

Did you know that there is a big difference between authorised and unauthorised training. 

Some of the differences you will notice are the books you will receive, the types of labs you will use and most importantly the instructor’s quality. All of these features of authorised training will ensure you are getting what you pay for and have the right to be happy with the quality of all the services you received. 

In Victoria, there are several places you can speak to if you are not happy with the services you were provided. You can speak to VCATDepartment of EducationASQA or the ACCC. Some people are also calling for an Ombudsman for the training industry, but that is yet to materialise.

Many people call us to get a price, and forget to ask the probably the most important question.

What qualification to teach does your Teacher have? What is the credibility of the Instructor? How many years has the Trainer been training?

Below you will see a list of qualifications / certifications that teachers that teach in Australia should have. We say should because it’s a very hard job to monitor as you can imagine.

So next time you are looking for quality IT training, do yourself a favour, ask the company what qualification does the Instructor have to teach? What experience does he or she have in the real world? Ask them to show you their CTT+ MCT, VCI or CCSI. 

There is a big difference between those that are certified instructor’s and those that just pass the exam, buy a book and teach you page by page.

IT Futures only employs trainers that are working in the field of IT they teach and choose to remain current in their IT certifications and share their knowledge with students by teaching in their spare time. All of our trainers are certified in their respective field and certified as instructors. They complete student feedback survey’s at the conclusion of each and every class.

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