Top 10 Annoying Customer Requests

There are plenty of times our clients ring us for help. But sometimes it can feel like they are just ringing to annoy us.

Here are the top 10 customer requests that drive IT technicians bananas.

  1. What’s my password?
  2. There’s no internet in my router
  3. Can you please install Microsoft Word on my desktop. 
  4. Can you make me Administrator?
  5. How can I open Windows?
  6. I received an error, but it’s gone and I can’t remember it now
  7. Outlook looks really different. Can you bring the old one back?
  8. I can’t find Internet Explorer. There’s only a folder and ‘e’ icon
  9. What’s the difference between forward and back slash?
  10. Can you please print my voicemail?

And our favourites that also should receive a mention;

  • I cannot find the space bar
  • I can’t find Google
  • Where’s the search box?
  • Can I access my Hotmail from somewhere else?

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Thanks to CompTIA for the awesome Infographic

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