What is digital literacy and why it’s important to be literate digitally

We take reading and writing for granted sometimes. That’s because we are literate. Being literate is very important. For starters if you are not literate, you would find it hard to read this article. Secondly, nearly everything in society today needs you to be able to read, write, speak and listen in one language or another. There is only so far you can get with understanding and decrypting icons and symbols.

Digitally literacy is now even more important. Why? Because knowing how to use digital devices such as computers, laptops and smart devices enables you to learn as well. It’s like a waterfall effect. Once you know how to use the keyboard, mouse and some of the programs, such as Google Chrome to get on the Internet, there should be no stopping you.
The reason why I call it a waterfall effect is because once you start to use a computer and enjoy it, you will feel like using it more and more. The skills you will develop will continuously improve and you will get faster and faster. 
Once you have the minimum competency level for using a computer, you are now Digitally Literate. With these skills and a desire to learn anything and everything, your life will become easier. 
In Australia, the government uses it so much that you will find yourself saving so much time when it comes to keeping your affairs in order such as Centrelink, Medicare, Veteran Affairs, Australia Post and more. The best place to manage all of this is myGov.
From a productivity perspective, you can now start to use Facebook to chat to friends overseas, use LinkedIn to find jobs, Officeworks to buy new technology, eBay to buy anything or my favourite, Gumtree to find someone to do a service call, such as a cleaner or carpenter. All from your little computer device whilst sitting in your favourite arm chair.
If you want to join the IT Futures Digitally Literacy program called New2IT, please get in touch.

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