Which virtualisation certification to pursue?

Which virtualisation certification to pursue?


The Cloud is one of the great achievements in Information Technology, allowing for IT networks to perform feats like remote processing and mass data storage. Virtualisation has played a key role in getting the most use from the databases and servers that power it. If you are looking to prove to current or future employers your skill with virtual machines, you will want to take a look at the certifications available from the top three companies in server virtualisation.

1. VCP

VMware is the leading company and has had the largest market share in server virtualisation for years with its product running unopposed for six of them. This long period as the pack leader makes them the definitive voice in virtualisation, and a partnership with Cisco promises to keep them in the forefront of virtualisation standards for much longer. VCP, VMware Certified Professional represents the first tier of their available accreditations and it is a great starting point for those looking to build a solid and lasting resume.

Other VMWare virtualisation certifications to consider: VCAP, VCAP5, VCDX5.

2. Microsoft’s MCITP Virtualization Administrator Certification

Within the MCITP family of certifications, Microsoft offers up one for Virtualisation Administrators. While far behind VMware in current market share and not too far ahead of Citrix, Microsoft as a company can pour the money into research to keep product lines moving and is embedded throughout the IT field. With this in mind, you can count on Microsoft virtualization products to exist in the commercial field until the technology becomes completely outdated, so becoming familiar with the current versions is important.

Other Microsoft virtualisation certifications to consider: MCTS Windows Server 2008 Virtualisation Configuration

3. Citrix XenServer 6.0 Certification

This company has been steadily gaining ground in virtualisation since it acquired XenSource in 2007. They progressed quickly and began offering certifications within just a couple years after the merger. The XenServer 6.0 Certification is as straightforward as its name implies: it simply indicates the holder has all the skills necessary to be considered able to properly administrate and manage the latest Citrix VM server.

Other Citrix virtualisation certifications to consider: CCEE, CCIA References

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