Why should I upgrade my IT Certifications?

Why should I upgrade my IT Certifications?

After spending years gaining degrees, experience, and certifications, you may be inclined to avoid any additional training by reason of fatigue or simply feeling it is not necessary. Certifications are an important part of any field of work, and neglecting to manage yours can be a poor idea for many reasons. Below we will take a quick look at a few arguments for why you might consider investing in IT training and certifications.

1. Salary

Certifications are proof of your skills that are hard to replicate through other means. For example, if you have worked on Cisco equipment for years and know it from the inside out, you still do not have the official paper documenting your achievements. When you gain these certifications, you can present them in your employee reviews or applications to show just how valuable you are.

2. Employer Perception

Perception is everything, and employers love certifications. If your lifelong dream is to work for Microsoft, applying for the job with a host of Microsoft product certifications will undoubtedly increase your chances. Even if the certifications do not directly apply to a job, they show initiative and drive. A recent graduate may get away with not having many certifications, but a veteran IT staffer with ten years of experience and only one or two certifications is liable to draw negative attention.

3. Future Preparedness

The highest paying certifications can indicate trends in the IT field that you will need to follow. Cisco certifications have been a long-standing top payer, and the company’s technology is embedded within the IT world. A quick glance at the top salary-increasing certifications shows that virtual machines, Cisco products, Microsoft products, project management, and information security training are all skills employers are looking for in their IT personnel.

4. Networking Opportunities

As you train for certifications and after receiving them, you effectively become a member of a club. While you may not meet at the bar on weekends, IT certifications in particular tend to result in online communities. On the reverse, some people may exclude you or devalue you based on a lack of certification.



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