Why should you consider a career in IT?

IT or Information Technology is a very diverse sector that includes many different jobs and a wide range of titles. Titles can vary from company to company as the terminology is not regulated. In fact there can be a substantial difference in the words used to describe the same job between several companies. The nature of these often job titles that have the words “computer”, “technology”, “administrator”, “network”, “manager” and “engineer” provides an insight into how much people don’t understand modern technology. This is a good thing, because it means that the people running the show are in desperate need of proficient IT staff as they seem to be struggling with even the basic definition and job descriptions. They basically need a “computer wizard” to deal with all these machines they have lying around. Here are some of the main reasons to get involved in IT. 

Technology has changed the way we do business, store and exchange information. In the past, only the military, government and few globally successful companies had privilege to access high technology for their own benefit. These days, you can’t even own a small store without the help of computers, ranging from work like tracking your inventory to saving data from the security cameras and more. Unlike large organization, which needs to store a large amount of data, like TV stations, law firms and banks, as well as a way of communicating this information with other branches locally or internationally. The need for qualified IT staff is a basic one, just like any other profession. The difference however is that not just anyone can perform adequately in this field.

Another major reason for choosing this particular career path. Despite IT personnel being a basic necessity for any company there is still a limited supply of people capable of the job right and there are even less people who can do the job with the speed and ease of a true professional. Jobs like Networks Administrator and Help desk Analyst will require a devoted professional that knows what his doing, but the reward will be just as substantial as the responsibilities.

A recent article in Sydney Morning Herald claimed Computer Systems Analyst and Software Engineer are in the top 10 most popular careers in Australia. Similarly, Network Systems Analyst and Software Engineer are in the top five most popular careers in America. Furthermore, UK Data Communications Analysts and Software Engineers are in the top three.

As more and more companies are realizing the importance of highly qualified IT personnel, more and more institutions are offering high quality training in these skills. Acquiring the particular skill sets required for working in the IT field has become a much easier process as the interest for the field has grown.

IT jobs are some of the best paying jobs available to you today. According to a SEEK, for example, jobs like software engineer, systems engineer, web developer and systems administrator can have an average annual salary of between 80.000 and 95.000 dollars, and this trend is similar in other developed countries like Canada, European Union members and US. Another thing worth considering is that Computer and Information Systems Manager according to Forbes is the third best paying job for women, above both Surgeon and Chief Executive, with approximate annual salary of 80.000 US Dollars, about 97% of what men in the field earn, while only about 26% of the people working in the field are women, which means that more qualified ladies are needed. 

Not only does it encompass a multitude of callings, like Computer Programmer, Network System Administrator and Web Developer, it also keeps you from being locked up in a single niche market. Most of these professions within the IT sector are required in many fields. IT personnel are required in the military, hospitals, schools, law firms, banks and just about any major company. As you can see this is a field that is high in demand, with many job and learning opportunities, yet it still has some of the highest paying career options available today. If you have the motivation and determination to become one of the best in what you do you will have a lot of job opportunities and a whole bunch of fields that require the skillsets you have acquired to choose from.

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