Benefits of IT certification

The digital transformation of the global economy is generating unparalleled demand for innovative, tech-savvy people everywhere

In today’s fast paced world, finding professionals with the right skills is proving difficult for many global organizations. The extent of the problem is such that 93% of HR executives report matching the skillsets of candidates to the job openings as a growing and ongoing challenge.

When it comes to ICT, the speed at which technology evolves means that skills become outdated quickly. For many individuals, the right skills are essential to land that all important job, ensure a promotion or advance their career.

In order to cultivate talent, educational institutions and training providers need to offer certified and validated technology qualifications that ensure graduates are industry ready and instantly employable.


Why certification?

In traditional industries such as accounting, IT and project management, professional certification is renowned and even expected. In these sectors, a certification is known to help establish and enhance the career of a professional along with increasing their prospects and opening them up to a wealth of new opportunities.

A discipline in a constantly evolving landscape, technical skills need to be upgraded and boosted on a continuous basis and require input from experts to ensure the latest trends, competencies and developments are known and shared across an organization.

For professionals and organizations alike, certification is now essential to gauge technical knowledge and skills in order to make the right hires. For future and current employees, it’s a way to keep up with technologies and trends in order to stay relevant and technologically aware.

Regarding advancement within an organization, certification helps managers identify employees with the latest skills, knowledge and drive to move into leadership positions. This is especially true in industries that face rapid and dramatic changes such as ICT.

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