Career Ready Professional Development Program

In this program participants will be provided with essential information, advice and tools to make them job ready in a highly competitive, candidate rich market.

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    1.      Job Search Planning

    2.      Resumes, Cover Letters and Linked In profiles

    3.      Introduction to the Phone Interview

    4.      Introduction to the Face to face Interview

    5.      Effective Customer Service skills

    6.      Communicating with confidence

    7.      Business Presentation

    8.      Know your workplace rights and responsibilities


    Key Learning Outcomes                


    At the end of this program participants will:


    1. Evaluate their own job readiness, identify and explore areas for improvement with the Placement team.
    2. Utilise the resources provided to them to enhance their job readiness and value to prospective employers.
    3. Develop professional application documentation with the support of the Placement team.
    4. Practice and improve their interview skills.
    5. Build the confidence to effectively navigate their way through the job search process and be transformed into the candidate that employers want and need. 

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