How PRINCE2 is going to benefit me – Part 2

How PRINCE2 is going to benefit me – Part 2

PRINCE2 can be applied to any type or size of project within any industry

Scale it up…Scale it down! PRINCE2 can be tailored to suit any project’s size or complexity. It is widely recognised and understood and provides a common vocabulary for the project’s team and stakeholders.  Regardless if the project is complex and daunting or simple and easy; PRINCE2 is the road map for you to complete the project’s journey with confidence. The great benefits of tailoring PRINCE2 to suit the project size lies within its themes, processes and management products. You can tweak and apply each theme, process and management product according to the importance of the project, the risk associated, the quality required as well as the duration of the project.  

PRINCE2 saves your time

Common Standards – project’s team and stakeholders have the same approach to the project. The same set of documents, procedures and filing system. You save your time when you recruit the project’s team, when you audit the project and when you train stakeholders.  Everyone is on the same page, no fog no dramas!

Road map – PRINCE2 is process based method that takes you from conception to close. If things go wrong during the project, there is a point somewhere in the method to deal with it. Your common sense and the interlinked process will lead you to the desired outcome. The answer for your problem is in place even before the problem occurs.

Mature methodology – the benefits are coming from thousands of projects and thirty years of experience worldwide. PRINCE2 is tried and trusted. It is being reviewed and updated every 2-3 years. Suggestions from community leaders and experts always provided for best practice.

PRINCE2 saves your money

Driven by the Business Case – PRINCE2 is supported by the Business Case throughout its life-cycle. The Business Case must be in place continually from the start to the end. If it is not justifiable, the project should be stopped immediately. The updates, assessment and re-assessment of the Business Case is mandatory at key points in the project to make sure that the project is delivering value to the customer.  

Free – According to the UK Project Manager Today Magazine; the cost of creating project management method is estimated between $200,000 and $500,000. Only elite organisations can do this, and even, they have to spend time and money to train partners, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders in their new approach. You will benefit from not paying license fees, charges per seat or support costs.

Upfront approach – before you proceed with the project, a lot of effort is dedicated upfront to make sure the project is viable and worthwhile doing. Even after establishing this, further effort is devoted to making sure that the project is well planned, customer and quality requirements are clearly defined and risks are considered.

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An experienced project manager, certified PRINCE2 Practitioner and educationalist, who has undertaken major projects within the education, superannuation and banking industry within Australia and overseas.Over 12 years’ experience in project management and training in different roles and industries such as:Managing Director, Education and Training – Managing Program that includes various projects to support overseas government to transform from current status to new model.Corporate Educator and Training Coordinator in a multinational organisation, delivering PRINCE2 and other IT/Business training for professionals and senior management.Project Manager, Education and Training – working within PRINCE2 Environment managing educational projects for overseas governments such as, Jordan, Oman and United Arab Emirates.Project Manager, Industry Skills Council – Managing Vocational Education and Training projects on behalf of the Department of Education and Training to develop Training Packages for TAFEs and training organisations around Australia.Project Officer, Industry Skills Councils – assisting to deliver governments projects specialised in the ICT and Financial Services industries.Working within the Project Management Office in the Superannuation industry in Australia, delivering key IT projects.Project management and coordination in the banking industry overseas focusing on supporting IT projects.QUALIFICATIONSMasters of Business Information Technology, RMIT, 2009Bachelor of Computer Information Systems, 2004PRINCE2 Practitioner 2014Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 2014Regulatory Guidelines RG146 Financial Advice, 2010ITIL Foundation, 2016GIT code source revision control, 2016Linux shell commands, 2015