Recognition of Prior Learning

What is recognition of prior learning (RPL)?

RPL is granted when a provider gives recognition to a person for part of a course, or the whole course, without having to do the study for that course. This is because the person is able to show that they have already undertaken the learning, through previous experience, or have developed the competencies in the workplace.

RPL Assessments

ITFutures is NOT a Approved RPL Provider.

All RPL Applications will can be made to the RPL Co-ordinator. To make an application, you must use the RPL Kit that will be provided.

There are NO financial benefits of applying for RPL. RPL is a method to decrease the amount of time it can take to complete a Subject or Qualification.

To obtain the RPL Kit, please contact us.

Financial Assistance

Subjects out of the Diploma of IT program can be done by RPL and VET FEE-HELP is an approved method of payment.