Terms & Conditions

  1. IT Futures refers to the business who provides the training courses to its clients.
  2. The Client or the trainee refers to the person who attended the training course including the company by whom the client and or the trainee is employed by (the Client).
  3. The trainer or the consultant refers to the person who delivers the training courses provided by IT Futures, including the company whom the trainer or the consultant is employed by (the Trainer).
  4. All training courses must be paid for in full prior to course commencement
  5. Payment plans require a deposit to confirm your enrollment that is non-refundable. Payment plans must be executed prior to commencement of the first class.
  6. If the Client wishes to cancel a training course, the Client must notify IT Futures in writing. No refunds are provided for course cancellation with training credit notes issued with a validity of 6 months. Cancellation does not become effective until IT Futures receives this written notification.
  7. Failure to attend a training course without notice will result in the forfeit of that course booking.
  8. If the Client wishes to reschedule a training course, the Client must notify IT Futures in writing. If the rescheduling occurs 10 days before the commencement of the course the Client will automatically be placed on a course wait list with IT Futures to provide best efforts to accommodate the reschedule.
  9. All prices for the individual training courses are exclusive of Australian Good and Services Tax (GST).
  10. IT Futures offers a satisfaction guarantee with the following conditions: All students can re-sit the course they attend FREE of charge, subject to the following conditions: Place availability on the requested training course date. The repeated training course must be completed within 90 days of the original training course date. The repeated course may or may not be with the same trainer.
  11. IT Futures reserves the right, if necessary, to make alterations or changes to a previously confirmed training course dates for a variety of reasons including but not limited to, Trainer sudden unavailability due to illness. In such cases, IT Futures will inform the Client as soon as possible. In the event whereby it is necessary for IT Futures to re-schedule the course(s) to another date(s) then IT Futures shall inform the Client as soon as practicable regarding the new date(s). The Client has a right to apply for training credit notes valid for 180 days only when the re-scheduling of the course(s) has been made by IT Futures. IT Futures will have no other liability due to changes to the training course date other than those set out in this condition.
  12. IT Futures shall in no circumstances be liable for any loss of profit suffered directly or indirectly following the training course attended by the Client.
  13. The Client shall not approach, or make any offer of employment for works to any Trainer or Consultant provided by IT Futures
  14. If any Exams are included, the Client must take the exam within 10 days of course completion. The Client must contact IT Futures at least 5 days before the desired Exam Sitting Date to schedule the Exam. Exams cannot be exchanged for money and are not transferable. In the case of rescheduling, all Exam rescheduling fees are the responsibility of the Client.
  15. Practice Exams may be provided as an additional service at the discretion of IT Futures. IT Futures may choose to provide either 30, 60, 90 or 180 day access codes at their own discretion.
  16. IT Futures reserves the right to amend and update this Terms and Conditions from time to time. For the latest Terms and Conditions please visit http://www.itfutures.edu.au/terms
  17. This booking contract is made by IT Futures on its terms and conditions which are governed by Australian Law and all parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Australian Courts at all times.