Thilina Is On The Clouds!

Thilina Is On The Clouds!

Now, you are probably wondering how cheesy is the title? Are we not always on the cloud? But ask yourself this, how can Cloud Essentials help you with your intended future?

Whether you are indulged in IT or racing in the Business world or only have a small extent of experience that help you pass by in an everyday tech world, the Cloud Essentials can help you grow on both paths.

If you are thinking of undergoing Cloud Essentials or just wanting to grasp what will be the outcome if you do decide to train yourself on it, where will it get you, we are here to give you a few thoughts!

If you have grown up studying a completely different field than IT but only know enough to have a quick jump to the idea, do not worry, your education background does not have to be of a high level of IT training. Cloud Essentials could be used in everyday life. Of course, your organisation must use cloud computing in some manner or there truly is no point.

Thilina, a Network Engineer and one of IT Futures brightest students, recently took up the Cloud Essentials Training and Certification. Here are a few words of wisdom he had to share,

If someone was to ask me why they should take cloud essentials, I would say, not only will it help you enter the virtualisation world but it gives you an awesome advantage in the business decision making with connection to Cloud. It is a good foundation for someone who is brand new to the tech world. It also relates in many ways to ITIL, so there’s a chance for you to brush up! The training I took was taught by a knowledgeable trainer and I am pretty happy with it!”

If you wish to understand the fundamental and practical elements of your company’s Cloud approach or you simply are trying to enhance your career and are in direct line to management and decision making position at your organisation, Cloud Essentials will be a great training for you. Yes you, the one reading this!

Here at IT Futures, we provide the training to learn and help you certify on Cloud Essentials and touch base with ITIL.

Don’t hesitate! Contact us directly on 03 9866 7737.

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