Thinking About an Internship in IT? Here’s Why It’s Worth Your Time

Internships have grown in popularity over the years, but if you’re already getting a degree, you might wonder if you really need to do an internship, too. You might be planning to look for a job straight out of school and think that doing an internship would be a waste of time.

The truth is, especially in the competitive markets of today’s world, internships have never been more important. If your dream is to work in the IT sector one day, getting an internship now could be an invaluable step toward achieving your professional goals down the road.

Here are just a few reasons why an internship in the IT industry is a worthwhile pursuit that you will be sure to thank yourself later for trying out today.

Build a solid foundation of real-world skills.

When you are focused on traditional coursework, there is no doubt that you develop important skills throughout your studies. There is definitely something to be said, however, for getting experience outside the classroom in conjunction with your courses. A lot of qualities and competencies critical for any workplace—such as working effectively as part of a team, setting tangible goals, and learning to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances—can be developed to an extent in traditional classwork. But honing these skills in a real-world setting, such as those offered by an internship, provides an invaluable opportunity to really put your educational qualifications to the test. Especially in an industry such as IT, where it is essential to draw from past experience in order to troubleshoot new problems effectively, getting an internship can be an excellent way to start translating the concepts you’ve learned in the classroom into practical workplace skills.

Strengthen your resume.

While there are some students who seek internships primarily to learn new skills, there is no doubt that resume building is on most students’ minds. If you are looking for something to boost your CV, IT internships are an excellent addition to your record. When you eventually look for a full-time job, you will be grateful to have an internship you can include as concrete evidence of your commitment to your field.

Give yourself an edge in the job market.

It is no secret that the IT industry is an extremely competitive market these days. Along the same lines as strengthening your resume, another important reason to consider an internship is to help make yourself a viable candidate in a challenging job market. When you and your classmates start applying to jobs, potential employers will see a lot of applicants with similar educational backgrounds. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, an internship is the perfect way to show future employers that you have more to offer than just your degree. Recruiters will often look for candidates with a diverse range of experience and skills, and the more you make an effort to pursue different internship experiences, the better you will fare when it comes time to try to get hired.

Create a supportive professional network.

Trying to establish yourself as a new graduate in the IT sector can be particularly challenging because there is so much emphasis placed on past experience. The good news is that completing an internship can help you make a place for yourself in the business community, no matter how competitive the market may be. Undertaking an internship is an excellent way to meet people in your field, including both fellow interns and seasoned professionals. By doing an internship, you can gain references and start building a network of connections to help you succeed in your career.

Get a feel for different areas of IT.

Though you may think you know exactly what kind of job you want to have, sometimes the reality of a role is a lot different than you expect. You might end up discovering that the type of work you thought you were made to do is not actually a very good fit for you. When you do an internship, you can start the process of experimenting to find your perfect job by exploring some of the different directions that are available in a low-risk way. By taking on an internship, you aren’t signing up for a huge commitment; instead, you have the chance to get your feet wet and try different things before getting locked into a single position.

There are countless other ways that getting an internship can help you by making it easier to secure employment and find out what you really want to do, but those are just a few concrete reasons that pursuing an internship is well worth your time in the competitive IT market. At IT Futures, we are pleased to offer a popular internship program that makes it easy to tailor an internship to your own needs and goals. Learn more about participating in our Melbourne internship program to jumpstart your career today by emailing us at