Why Should You Be a CISSP?

Why Should You Be a CISSP? The CISSP certification not only affirms your knowledge of information security, but it also demonstrates to employers that you have the skills to operate and oversee the information security of an enterprise.

What is CISSP? CISSP is short for Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

Data breaches continue to occur more frequently with an 18% year on year increase in reported intrusions. There has never been a stronger demand for qualified and experienced cyber security professionals as companies scramble to ensure their sensitive data is not compromised. Do you have the development skills you need to identify risks, solve problems and keep company assets secure? If not, this certification prepares you for success with a highly valuable and in-demand skill set as a cyber security professional.

While many IT techies know that security is part of technology, they don’t necessarily understand the risks or the stakes involved. IT professionals need to comprehend that there are many factors at play in the field of information security than just products. Some of these aspects, for example, are physical security, resistance, human aspects and any other crucial attributes of the science—all of which play important roles in information security. When risk management is seen as a minor concern; the solution is a weak security program leaning on technology. When you develop beyond this limited outlook, you’ll have improved security management skills and solutions and better yet, a bigger, superior job.

In fact, surveys demonstrate that recruiters and companies search for certain types of skills when considering who to employ as security professionals. Employers want to see candidates who are not just competent but have thoroughly incorporated CISSP into their knowledge base. Employers perceive an applicant with a solid base in CISSP as influential, valuable and even vital to assure success in the security region.

With a CISSP certification, you are guaranteed a position on top of the applicant pool. Considering that a study from Global Information Security shows that CISSP professionals receive a global average salary that is 25% more than non-certified colleagues, it is clear that CISSP is the certification you should think about if you want to accelerate your career as a cyber security professional.

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